Sunday, February 11, 2007

The wonderful Josie Long

Friday night I went with Rullsenberg to see Josie Long on her Kindness And Exuberance Tour.

Jolly good it was too. We left the show and came out into the snow with a warm radiant glow.

If you're into that sort of thing you can be Josie's friend on MySpace.

Can you read a map, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

Will has a great post on the Iranian request for "evidence" of the Holocaust.

How difficult is it to get from the Iranian embassy in Berlin to Wannsee?

Even I could follow those instructions and my inability to read a map is notorious.

America the Photographed

Mick Hartley has some spectacular pics of American industrial sites, garnered from the Library of Congress.

Here's an image in the Roundhouse of a Chicago and Northwestern Railroad Yard in Chicago, Illinois.

There are lots and lots of amazing images available from the Farm Security Administration and the Office of War Information Collection.

Go and discover.

Catching Up

Times flows onwards. Things consume time. And I lack time to post. And the world contnues to spin.

George Monbiot attacks 9/11 conspiracists and Comment is Free gets more comments than anything else you think might attract more comments. How do you organize an event of the magnitude of 9/11, involving thousands of people, and hope to keep it secret? Here's a deft summary of the popularity of conspiracy theories:
Everybody wants to feel special, and conspiracy theories are one hell of a way to go about feeling that way. After all, you have secret knowledge that "the government doesn't want you to know" and "most people refuse to believe" and that "science can't explain". But you know the truth, right? Right.

So here's an interesting experiment. The next time you feel like George Bush is trying to hide the truth about the Jesus's third cousin from the world in order to boost Haliburton's profits so they can further fund the Trilateral Commission...try taking your S.O. out to dinner. Or go see a musical. Or play basketball. Or masturbate. Anything to replace thoughts of ancient evil plots with fun in the here and now. I'm pretty sure you'll feel much better. [From The Blog of Many Hats]
I know the Truth and there are no conspiracies but those conspiracies in which I play a part. Now, when governments, and the private sector, struggle to organize a decent I.T. system for the NHS, does anyone believe governments can conspire to kill thousands of their own citizens without someone leaking news to the media?