Friday, November 26, 2004

The Grauniad and Zimbabwe

Late blogging this but what the heck. The Grauniad gets its comment in first
In some quarters, the failure of this newspaper to get itself banned from the England cricket tour of Zimbabwe might be seen as a badge of dishonour. If Robert Mugabe's goons are prepared to let you in, you must be doing something wrong. But the very fact that the Zimbabwe government has made such a capricious and whimsical choice between those media outlets whose presence it will tolerate and those it considers to be agents of the enemy is merely the latest confirmation that no sense or benefit could ever have come from this particular adventure.

So, has Mugabe made a "capricious and whimsical choice between ... media outlets" or is there some plan behind it all? Is Mugabe a Quick Crossword fan? A fan of Steve Bell? A devotee of Seamus Milne?

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