Thursday, December 02, 2004

Hak Mao posts on the harassment and detention of bloggers in Iran. The general reason was "publishing false information with the aim of disrupting public order". Isn't that the reason given by repressive, and downright nasty, regimes everywhere? Is there some campaign to link to or letters to write?

The link on Harry's Place gives further details:
Here are their names and sites.

Mojtaba Saminejad (who was arrested at the beginning of November for speaking out against the arrest of his three colleagues in his blog); and
Farid Modaressi
The Iranian Embassy in London is at 16 PRINCE`S GATE LONDON SW7 1PT
The telephone number is (+44) 2072253000
The fax number is: ( +44)2075894440

Something for you to do today. Write and protest.

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