Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Manchester United and Me

This post and this post remind me of when I was innocent of the ways of the world.

Bored of supporting the local first division team, the one described by Inveresk Street as the great Wolves team of the late fifties managed by Stan Cullis. Not that this was the fifties but the early 70s but everyone still talked about Billy Wright, Bert Williams, Peter Broadbent, Bill Slater, Johnny Hancocks, Jimmy Mullen, Roy Swinbourne, Jesse Pye, Dennis Wilshaw, Ron Flowers, Eddie Clamp, Norman Deeley and Eddie Stuart.

I needed something else to support. There was George Best with his Soccer School on tv, not that I ever saw any of it. I remember being excited all day at school. Coming home. No power because of the miners strike and the ensuing three day week. Then seeing them relegated made me more convinced. I was about the only person to start supporting Manchester United when they were sent down to the second division. But Manchester United was where my fickle eight year old self found a home. Got the shop address and a postal order and sent away for a knitted hat and scarf. Wore them all the time. A couple of years later went to see Wolves play Manchester United in the Central League. About the match all I remember is that Manchester United definitely had Arthur Albiston playing. Then came a big traumatic experience. Someone ran past me and stole my much loved Red (with black and white stripes) hat off my head.

That's something I have never told anyone before. For four years I was a Manchester United supporter. There. That's now out in the open. Now, do I feel better for sharing?

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