Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Melys, Persil and Misty's Big Adventure.

Last night braved the night air and went out with Rullsenberg to see three bands. A splendid night it was too.

The first band was Misty's Big Adventure. I say band, more a performance art event (and I mean that in a good way). Drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, saxophone, trumpet, singer (imagine Steven Wright mixed with Alan Ginsberg) and a man in a red sheet covered in blue industrial gloves, dancing. Bands with dancers. Bands with pointless dancers. Bands with Bez. Whatever happened to dancers in bands? Anyway, MBA have cracking songs. What more could you want?

Then the sound system went. Where did it go? We don't know but when it came back the monitors weren't working. The next two bands had to cope.

Then came Persil, a Dutch duo. Like Stereolab.

Then after much plugging in, plugging out, plugging in and plugging out and then plugging in came Melys. Cracking.

For further detailed gossip and reviews have a look at Rullsenberg's splendid review.

All told a cracking night out.

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