Sunday, December 11, 2005

Am I not a man?

Euan Ferguson feels, like I do, that judging by countless supplements about the gifts to buy the man in your life, we don't count. Gadgets to do things you never wanted to do. His wishlist is amazingly similar to mine.
Here's an idea - rather a good one, it suddenly strikes me, that could keep a billion relationships going much further: don't think of him as a 'man' any more. Think of him as, say, a 'person'.
Give him person things which just suit him because he happens to be a man. Forget the electronic golf gew-gaws.
Give him, say:
  • A small bottle of the world's finest after-shave. It's called No. 88, comes in a little black bottle, and is made by Czech & Speake of Jermyn Street.
  • A really, really nice well-cut shirt which goes with his eyes.
  • A single bottle of the finest malt whisky in the land, which is called Caol Ila.
  • Unconditional love.
Any, trust me, any of the above will do. The whisky, by the way, is the cheapest.
Any of those would do. Even nothing at all.

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