Monday, June 26, 2006

Catching Up

When you're busy things really start to happen, don't they?

A week ago went to hear Mike Marqusee talk on his excellent updated book Wicked Messenger. It's a very enjoyable performance and you'll leave knowing more about His Bobness than when you arrived.

About the Dylan whose songs covered politics, protest, civil rights and just being alive.

About the Dylan who rejected the title of "protest singer" and the title "voice of a generation".

About the Dylan whose lyrics say so much about globalisation (before the term was conceived).

About the Dylan who treated people like Wooody Guthrie and Joan Baez so shoddily.

About the Dylan who sells his image, time and music to Victoria's Secrets and Starbucks.

About the Dylan who likes pissing people off.

About the Dylan who dislikes anyone claiming to know "the real Dylan".

It's about Dylan.

And the book's good too.

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