Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hawk and A Hacksaw Gig

How do you describe Hawk And A Hacksaw? I suppose you could use words like Hungarian folk, Balkan wedding songs, Turkish folk. Whatever words you use if you like that sort of thing then you'll like Hawk and a Hacksaw. Oh, I forgot to say, it's party music.

Here's some pictures I took at a gig, at the Malt Cross in Nottingham on 5th December 2007. The lineup for this gig was Jeremy Barnes, Heather Tost on violin, Kovacs Ferenc on trumpet and violin, and Balazs Ungar on cimbalom (which is a hammered dulcimer, my sources tell me).

Jeremy Barnes and Heather Tost.

Jeremy Barnes and Kovacs Ferenc.

The whole band.

The logo on a drum

As an encore the band walked into the audience for some crowd participation. It was hard to tell the band apart from the audience if not for the instruments.

There's a review of an earlier Hawk and a Hacksaw gig here. And there's a cracking review of a night on the same tour at Anti-Social Life.

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