Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gaza Blog

There is a new blog concentrating on the recent conflict in Gaza. It is produced by Israeli Human Rights Groups including B'Tselem. It is also available in Hebrew at gazaheb.blogspot.com.

Update for 18 January '09, morning (GMT+2)
Gaza: at least 1,205 killed, of them at least 410 children and 98 women. More than half those killed since the ground incursion began (580) are women and children. Over 3,520 injured, of them over 350 severely (Palestinian Ministry of Health figures).
Israel: 13 killed, of them 1 woman and 10 soldiers. Over 82 civilians injured, of them 4 severely injured, not including those treated for shock , and 113 soldiers injured, of them one in critical condition and 20 suffer moderate or severe injuries.
And so it goes.


Anonymous said...

israeli is stupid, please gone from this world. evil human.

Anonymous said...

Start a boycott of all Israeli products!

Anonymous said...

We are still generating more words instead of action.
Some Governments have their own agenda for tacit support of Israel. Ordinary people have shown in numerous demonstrations in cities all over the world, that the Israel's actions are totally un acceptable. If governments will not or cannot act, then people must.

Start a boycott of all Israeli products!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Action to resolve the Gaza atrocity is required now.
For how much longer will the European countries stand back and allow Israel to continue its barbaric carnage in Gaza?
The time has now surely come where European Governments led by the United Kingdom, must say to Israel that all diplomatic representation is to be withdrawn with immediate effect and that economic sanctions on the import of Israeli goods and services together with all exports to Israel will be imposed. The Israeli Government must be left in no doubt that their actions and behaviour, not only in Gaza but in the other occupied territories will no longer be tolerated, and that their own continuing defiance of numerous UN Resolutions (some even passed under section 7) is totally unacceptable. If Israel seeks the recognition of their right to exist (as must be the case), then they too must acknowledge that other peoples also have the same right. Their constant use of the Israeli armed forces, to the most part supplied and supported by the USA, over the past 60 years has done nothing to resolve the fundamental issues of the region but have only exacerbated the problem’
The constant use of phrases such as “Israel’s right to exist”, or “we are only acting in self defence” or “we are leading the fight against terror” or all the other clich├ęs trotted out on television daily, have lost all value when viewed against the pictures of what is happening in Gaza now and what happened in Lebanon three years ago and other examples from the occupied territories over the years.
(Have we forgotten the sight of IDF soldiers breaking the arms of a teenage boy by smashing rocks into his elbows?)
Mark Regev, and other “Government spokespersons” regularly appear on our screens and trot out the distortions, un truths and dis information usually associated with aggressors who are loosing the arguments.
As long as nations only utter more words and pass meaningless resolutions, (that is of course where the United States has not used its veto to block any criticism of Israel,) then the Israeli Government of any political composition, will continue to ignore world public opinion.
Israel has turned Gaza into the modern day equivalent the Warsaw Ghetto of January 1943, except that the roles are now reversed.
Political action from Europe is required now, before the situation becomes irretrievable.