Sunday, September 05, 2010

Economics: A Fantasy

Much of economic theory is abstraction, built upon a foundation of mixed metaphors, that sets a policy agenda that then becomes a way of impoverishing countries.

Kickitover has a sticker to stick on introductory economics text books. *C*O*R*R*E*C*T*I*O*N

Economics Warning for textbooks

And here's two economic theorists doing a rap: Keynes and Hayek.

Where is a free market? I've yet to see one.

[ The rap video came via Duncan's Economic Blog.]


Will said...

I want some of them stickers. Your link to where we can get them is fuckkeD tho but.

Gerrit sorted.


Neil said...

Link has been corrected.

It is Kickitover.

Sometimes adbusters gets too designy and ends up looking, at first glance, just like any other glossy waiting room mag. But this is good.