Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Clean Clothes

Who wants to go about in dirty clothes? Not me.

That's why I have signed up to the Clean Clothes Campaign.

There's a song by the folk singer Chris Wood Oyster Band that talks about the saddest thing is workers in developing countries putting holes in jeans.

But some companies still sandblast jeans in a process that kills the workers.

If you want to wear distressed clothes buy second hand clothes that have been distressed and have the patina of experience. Don't wear some factory fresh distress.

[ Thanks to Nick for the correction ]

1 comment:

Nick Matthews said...

Its not Chris Wood its the Oysterband.

Here comes the Flood:

factories in the phillipines,
cutting holes in brand new jeans,
for cutting edge consumers,
rich kids in the west you see,
they have no sense of irony,
and i'm losing my sense of humour,
all across the moonlit sky,
vapour trails multiply, trade winds are getting stronger,
while he says she has to chill,
they bring us apples from brazil,
new diseases from the congo,

i havent prayed since god knows when,
my teeth are un-american,
socialism's orphan child,
unimpressed, unreconciled
some people think im crazy.... but im not
here comes the flood x 2

a million tv dishes crown the skyline of shanty town,
everywhere our apsiration,
the word from cnn arives,
we watched the headlines of our lives,
each movement in isolation,
the cool blue line of isolation...

democracy for planet earth,
they roll it out like astroturf,
easy men theyre all in a hurry,
so you can wear a stupid grin,
watch em roll the bankers in,
only the bad guys amongst us need to worry


here comes the flood x3