Thursday, October 13, 2005


Found a splendid, informative, campaigning blog, Sudan Watch.

It’s none too enamoured of the "inane comments" a post on Sudan inspired on DSTPFW but I’ll forgive them that.

It’s an informative, campaigning blog that’s well worth a regular look.
It also introduces the Genocide Intervention Fund.
Today, as genocide rages in Darfur, Sudan, the world stands by, failing the vow of "never again" that it made after the Holocaust and reaffirmed after the Rwandan genocide. The genocide in Darfur has claimed 400,000 lives and displaced over 2,500,000 people. Five hundred people continue to die each day; fifteen thousand die every month.

Government-sponsored militias raze villages, systematically rape women and girls, abduct children, and destroy food and water supplies. While the UN warns that "there is no other place in the world where so many lives are at stake," governments and the UN have failed to mount an effective response.The silence of the world's leaders has given birth to the Genocide Intervention Fund (GIF), which aims to provide critically needed supplies to African Union peacekeepers on the ground in Darfur, increase public awareness about genocide, and pressure the international community to fulfill its Responsibility to Protect civilians targeted by genocide.
Read the whole piece.

Make a contribution.

Get involved.

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