Sunday, April 16, 2006


I used to think that jet lag was, like lunch, "for wimps". Well, hello Mr Wimpy.

Emails to catch up on.

News to catch up on.

Reading the Euston Manifesto and asking is it a good thing.

Remembering to blog on this masterclass on how to write a newspaper column about absolutely nothing, and be paid. I thought the opening could be used about much comment in the blogosphere, but obviously not about stuff I write or link to.
As a dog returns to its vomit, so I return to my sock.

Except that in this house no dog returns to its vomit, for the excellent reason that it never leaves its vomit. Neglect your vomit for one second round here and the other dog snaffles the big bits. So let me change the simile.

Remembering reading, in a piece by Seymour Hersh that
All of the [I.A.E.A.] inspectors are angry at being misled by the Iranians, and some think the Iranian leadership are nutcases—one hundred per cent totally certified nuts,” the diplomat said. He added that ElBaradei’s overriding concern is that the Iranian leaders “want confrontation, just like the neocons on the other side”—in Washington. “At the end of the day, it will work only if the United States agrees to talk to the Iranians.”
Surely it will only work if the Iranians agree to talk to the United States as well?

And catch up on sleep .....gnhihihnl\knbldnbb

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