Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Blog first, ask questions later

Several weeks ago I blogged on a spat between Bookmarks and Principia Dialectica. I was, perhaps a little harsh on Principia Dialectica.

On Saturday I picked up a copy at the splendid London Review Bookshop.

It's definitely a journal to take your time over. There's an interesting piece on William Morris, Constructivists and Rodchenko. And an article by Moishe Postone rethinking the critical theory of capitalism.

An argument that keeps recurring is the Situationist position that it is the duty of the working class to abolish itself. As someone commented Moishe Postone formulates this position in a footnote in his 1993 book Time, Labor, and Social Domination.

The words "valorisation" and "revalorisation" crop up all over the magazine. It that's the type of thing that floats your boat then read it.

And now Will Rubbish quotes Moishe Postone.

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