Sunday, October 22, 2006

Saturday's all right

Yesterday I went with Rullsenberg to London. There were several things we had to do. First came the meeting with Reidski and Jane in the Bunker Bierhall, in Seven Dials, next door to the Donmar. Waiting for it to open we popped over to the Crown and Anchor where Reidski managed to do one of those things everyone is supposed to have done by the time XXXX happens and that is buy a drink for everyone in a bar. Does it count if your group is the only set of people in there? The back to the Bunker for food and more drink. As its name suggests the Bunker is styled on a German Bierhall. It sells Freedom lager, made to German purity laws, in Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire. A damn fine brew it is, too. Drink, beer, conversation and food. A good time was had.

At dental time (two thirty) Rullsenberg dragged we willingly bext door to the Donmar to see The Cryptogram with Kim Cattrall and Douglas Henshall. A splendid play it is too, with wonderful performances by all the cast, especially Adam J Brown playing John. It's a good chalenging play that is also a short play, 65 minutes in total without an interval. If you've got something to say, say it. Don't LoTR it out. Short and sweet is the way to do it.

Then to downstairs at Slam City Skates in Neals Yard, to get a wonderfully discordant Lullaby Arkestra cd.

Then onto the London Review Bookshop. Books on shelves. Book on tables. Books in piles. Felt at home. No 3 for 2 offers. Hurrah. No promotions. How a bookshop should be. Pointed out a book on Hungary, I think it was "Twelve Days: Revolution 1956" by Victor Sebestyen, but I may be mistaken, to another customer. Bought some books. Spent money. Bought
  • "War Without End" by Bruno Tertrais
  • "Yiddish Civilisation - The Rise and Fall of a Forgotten Nation" by Paul Kriwaczek
  • "On The Natural History of Destruction" by WG Sebald
  • "Mayakovsky - A Memoir" by Elsa Triolet
. Now got to read them.

Went for dinner to Pizza Paradiso in Store Street. Then to St Pancras and home.

And so to bed.

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