Saturday, April 02, 2011

Agents Provacateur

Ever since The Man Who Was Thursday some people believe that activists are all government agents. There was also the case in the USA where, at one point in the 1960s 10 percent of the SWP were FBI informants.
COINTELPRO operations began against the SW in 1961, when court records show they had around 600 members-10 percent were FBI informants who were paid in excess of $1.6 million over the years for their efforts.22 Infiltration began in response to the SW's electoral campaigns and desegregation activities-perfectly legal undertakings. Over the years, member informants supplied the government with membership lists, financial records, budgets, minutes of meetings, mailing lists, and correspondence. From 1961-1976, fifty-five informants held offices or committee positions and fifty-one served on executive committees of the party. 13
Dan Hind points out that at 5:54 into this footage of the MArch 26th 2011 demo a black clad psuedo anarchist passes through police lines by showing a pass.

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