Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Famous Five and a Polyester Emporium

Lasy Saturday a branch of the static inducing, misogynistic, Anne Summers chain had its windows smashed.

The heroes of the hour were George, Julian, Dick, Anne and Timmy. They explain why they did what they did here.
Ann Summers presents a thin veneer of respectability to what is ultimately total exploitation of our attachments, insecurities and fears. It is a point of capture for the feelings of inadequacy synthesized by capitalist marketing.

The present commodification of sex is so successful because the insecurity it generates distracts us from rejecting capitalist values as the only possible precondition for meaningful sexual relations. As if worth and value can be calculated from the frequency of orgasms. Good sex becomes quantifiable. Pleasures must be maximized. Are you missing out because you are not flirtatious, adventurous or daring enough?

But let us not spend too long missing the wood for the trees. This is the nature of the real subsumption beneath capital: once capitalist production is established it seeks to permeate every aspect of life that exists within it.

Our act was not one of destruction but one of rejection. A rejection of a process of capture. Of ensnaring and taking our desires from us. Of taking everything we want in life and returning it to us in a box.
To resist this is to live and, in the words of Jacques Camatte, this world we must leave.

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StarDasher said...

It's a pity George, Julian et al can't write in plain english.