Monday, September 20, 2004


Ian Gilmore, in Saturday's Guardian Review, reviews James Naughtie's "The Accidental American" and says "the idea of Blair as a poodle is more of a portrait than a caricature".
"In his [Blair's] view regime change is enough to justify the war and the occupation. yet funnily enough the badly needed regime change - his own departure in favour of Gordon Brown - does not seem to appeal to him."

What chutzpah. What gall. Sir Ian Gilmore, sometime Tory minister, arguing for leadership change in a Labour administration. Either join the Labour Party where your opinion could count for something or shut up.


Will said...

I know Hak Mao's is a splendid place and all that but what's with me being the meat in a Hak sandwich (your blogroll).

Shit. I don't think I should have said that.

Neil said...

Oops. Fixed that.

Just in: Freudian sloop setting sail with the Pinto and the John B to charter the unconscious.

john b said...

For a good millisecond or two, I thought you were referring to me rather than to your namesake Brian...