Monday, September 20, 2004


There is a theory made public by the Grauniad diary and
Thus, envision this G.O.P. whispering campaign soon directed to women, liberals and the legions of centrist, semi-hawkish, non-angry Democrats: If you want the Clinton Restoration to the White House in '08, the only way to make it happen is to stay the course with Bush in '04.

A dirty trick? Undoubtedly. I disavow any connection to it.

Is the best hope for a Democratic White House really Bush in 2004?


john b said...

Relatedly, does anyone apart from crazed right-wing conspiracists really want Hillary as the Dem candidate for 2008? (clue: "no").

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that depend on the attractiveness of 2008 male interns?
In slightly more seriousness, is not the idea of Clinton 2 that Bill might pull strings, and those after him haven't exactly shone much brighter, having the charisma of either John Kerry, or Al Gore, or having very very little hope of taking the White House.