Wednesday, September 22, 2004

List of Iraqi dead

Marcus over at Harry's Place lists some of the victims of the Iraqi "resistance".

In today's Grauniad Tony Benn argues that the "resistance" is legal.
Kofi Annan, as secretary general of the UN, has now told us that that war was illegal and contrary to the provisions of the charter - which only provides for military action in self-defence or when authorised by the security council - which must mean that those Iraqis now defending their own country are acting within the law.

Just because action A is illegal does not mean action B that is opposed to action A is legal. For instance if I see a BMW (why is it always a BMW?) haring up the motorway at 101 mph I would not be legally justified in passing it at 121 mph and shooting out its tyres with a kalashnikov (not the newly launched brand of vodka).

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