Thursday, February 24, 2005

Iraq, the Grauniad and the Law

This week the Grauniad has been running pieces debating the legality of the Iraqi war: here, here and here.

Norm successfully rebuts the Grauniad's argument. Read the whole piece but here's an extract:
There's an implication in the Guardian's presentation that is more worrying still. It is that the attorney general, or indeed any legal expert, should not advise in situations where there are divisions of legal opinion. Only where there are no such divisions could advice be completely certain as to how the courts would decide. And how often are matters of legality ambiguous or disputed in the domain of international law? [Often - Ed.]

If you didn't take our view, you should apologise. Unless you agree with our side about what's legal, it must be illegal. Gotta love that kind of liberalism.
Go and read the whole piece.

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