Friday, May 13, 2005


Last summer Rullsenberg and me got lost in Dumfries and Galloway on our way to England from Glasgow. Ah, remembrance of things past. Now to the present. It appears that the indefatigable one is being called to the Hill.
There is more, much more information available at Harry's Place. See why this matters, stop_picking_on_galloway, the_end_of_a_beautiful_friendship,
another trip abroad,
the frequent flyer,
the mariam appeal, and oil of Uday.
So may questions. As Harry asks
Why did Galloway move the Mariam Appeal documents out of the country?
Why will Galloway not make the financial statements of the Mariam Appeal available despite promising to do so two years ago?
So it's up to a Senate Committee to ask questions of a lickspittle apologist for Fascism that should have been asked by various UK bodies.

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