Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Voting Intentions

As ever SIAW come up with something good with their reasons to vote:
provided that:
  • you have no objection in principle to taking part in the liberal-democratic electoral process (and we have a lot more respect for those who enact such objections, peacefully and respectfully, than for those who hypocritically take part while aiming to replace liberal democracy with something even worse);
  • you are serious about taking part in the choice of a government for Britain, in the awareness that an election is not a referendum (just as a referendum is not an election);
  • you would rather vote for a party that has demonstrated a minimal commitment to social reform than for a party that opposes social reform, or one that is utterly confused about what social reform might involve and nowhere near gaining the power to effect it;
  • you live in a marginal seat where your vote might make a difference; and
    your voting Labour carries no risk of letting a Tory, a Liberal Democrat or a nationalist into the Commons -
    vote Labour. If not, not.

    Now how's that for a ringing endorsement?
Hear, hear.

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