Friday, May 06, 2005


It's in.

The election result for Broxtowe: Nick Palmer (Labour) won with a majority of 2,296 over the Tory candidate.

Turnout increased by about 1004 but Labour lost 1469 votes. These appear to have largely gone Green (896 votes) and to isolationist Europhobes. The Tories only gained 90 votes and the LibDems 108.

(These figures are based on my arithmetic from the BBCs percentages so may be up or down a vote).

Awoke this morning to chants of "Four more years" coming from the radio. Perhaps it's me but this triumphalism evokes the 80s, the Federation of Conservative Students with their "Hang Mandela" t-shirts and Thatcherite rallies. But I'll let that go.

So, four more years it is. What do we do with it? That's what matters.

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