Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Permanent Revolution

A splendid meeting of revolutionary democratic youth in Albania gets in the Grauniad and onto Harry's Place:
hundreds of young revolutionaries ... gathered in Tirana at the weekend to celebrate the downfall of several rotten regimes and plot the overthrow of current dictatorships.
The Tirana gathering heard about the launch of Bolga (The Hammer), a small group of Uzbek students at home and in the diaspora inspired by the Georgians and the Ukrainians.

Bolga's organisers declare: "What is our task? To take actions to disperse fear and silence in our society.

"What is our goal? To hold free elections, create a free society.

"What is the Bolga movement? It is a democratic and leaderless movement of Uzbek youth. We throw away the trash of totalitarianism from our minds. We are street cleaners, so we wear orange clothes."

Energised by their first networking experience, the youth leaders declared themselves all for one and one for all, aping the Nato treaty's stipulation that an attack on one organisation will be taken as an attack on all of them. There was a touch of the evangelising of the born-again congregation.

"Turn to your neighbour, look them in the eye and say to them, 'You are not alone,'" Mr Veliaj urged the gathering. A common declaration adopted yesterday stated that "each fight is our fight".
The new musketeers of liberation politics have spoken.

The overthrow of a tyrannical regime is always only a start to a better life. The revolution has to continue beyond the overthrow of corrupt, tyrannical leaders and into becoming a revolution of everyday life.

With that platitude I'll sign off.

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