Friday, July 08, 2005

One Day

Over at Hak Mao's des-res Filo makes a comment that this is just one day. Over in Iraq people have this going on everyday.
In the light of all the self-righteous hand-wringing and self-indulgent anger around in blog world today, perhaps people might like to look here. Or here. And ask themselves where was their outrage yesterday? Or the day before? Or the day before? And they think one day of this this is terrible?
London was and is terrible. Iraq is terrible. Something happening once is shocking and terrible. Something happening regularly is terrible and still shocking. It may not pass the news editor's test of "another bomb in Iraq" but it's still terrible.

This is the force of Fascism we are up against. Not the sad, pathetic bunch of fetishistic bovver-boys in suits the ANL likes to oppose but real, jackboot in the face, bomb-blowing, people-killing Fascists.

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