Friday, July 15, 2005


Chris Bertam at Crooked Timbre describes the Grauniad's Seumas Milne.
“Dickhead” and “idiot” are two of the politer epithets I’m inclined to apply to the hapless and unpleasant Milne.
I first met Milne when we were both students (about 1980) and before he ever got employed by the Guardian. My view of him and his (not-very-crypto) Stalinist politics has remained consistent throughout. Clarification over.
[Stalinist is] an accurate characterization of someone who used to go around brandishing a copy of Denver Walker’s Quite Right Mr Trotsky: Some Trotskyist Myths Debunked; And How Troskyists Today Hamper the Fight for Peace and Socialism.
Mr. Kgnao.

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