Tuesday, July 12, 2005

When Lenin met Stalin met Gorbachov in Moscow

Here's a report of an interesting meeting.
Indian people named after famous Soviet Union-era Russians are to meet up in a village called Moscow.

They first met up a few months ago when Lenin shook hands with Krushchev, Stalin hugged Gorbachev and Tereshkova patted Svetlana. The gathering, at the Russian Cultural Centre in Pathanamthitta, also included two Gagarins, seven Lenins, six Stalins and two Brezhnevs.

Communist influence is the main reasons for the popularity of Russian names in the state of Kerala. Rathish C Nair, a spokesman for the Russian Cultural Centre said: "With the demise of the Soviet Union, the trend of naming new borns after communist leaders has changed.

"Now people draw on Russian literature to name their children as Natashas or Tanyas."
Whither Stalin's tomb?

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