Sunday, July 02, 2006

Four more years of disappointment

The excellent Hak pointed me to this excellent post of George Szirtes.
So then
Farewell Sven
and the occasional ibroglio
with or without Nancy dell'Olio

Farewell the vast forehead
with acres of space for looking thoughtful yet worried.

Farewell the noble belief in Beckham
despite tabloid oiks bellowing, 'Sack'im!'

The tidy suit, the buddhist calm,
one showing faint cracks, the other minus an arm,

The caution, the mild words, the golden boys dumped
Gerrard exhausted, Beckham weeping and even Hargreaves slumped.

And as these lines grow ever longer and ever more barren
Hail the dead lions. Hail penalty shootouts. Hail dull old Steve McLaren
Pomes. Penyeach!

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