Saturday, July 01, 2006

Private reasons great or small

Mark Thomas hits the nail on the head.
"Is it tolerable that we have this many weapons out there? Is it tolerable that there are people who live on a dollar a day? Is it tolerable that we have this society where people at the bottom, the working class - in fact, the people below the working class - that class of people who were just written off at school and stayed written off and stuck there, who are now fucking Asbo fodder, and are treated like scum by comics like Jimmy Carr, who fuckin'...?" He stops to catch his breath. "Is it tolerable that that exists? No. Those facts have never changed. And my belief that we should change them has never changed. It's the approach to how we change it that has changed it. Sometimes, I think you have to be on the outside of all of it, and sometimes you need to be on the inside, and sometimes I just haven't got a clue. There's a lot more ambiguity in my life, and I like that."

Good interview by Simon Hattenstone.

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