Monday, June 29, 2009

Trains and the Delights of Heavy Engineering

In yesterday's glorious sunshine I went with Rullsenberg on a reconnaissance mission to the Midland Railway Centre near Ripley in Derbyshire.

Yesterday they were running an English Electric event with, you've guessed it, electric trains.

It's also got shiny steam trains, shiny diesel trains and shiny electric trains. Nostalgia is in the air sending you back to the day when heavy engineering was about making things that worked and looked good, or to put it another way, making things that combined form and function to make a perfect whole.

English Electric train at Midland Railway Centre, Ripley, 28th June 2009

If you do go, make time to go on the Golden Valley Light Railway, and visit the workshop to see the brilliant restoration work.

Golden Valley Light Valley engine under restoration at the Midland Railway Centre, Ripley on 28th June 2009

Also find time to go on the Butterley Park Miniature Railway, hold on for a fun ride.

Butterley Park Miniature Railway at the Midland Railway Centre, Ripley on 28th June 2009

The Midland railway Centre is full of enthusiastic, friendly people, willing to help you have a fun day out. Now some of you will go trains, how dull. It's not like that. Honest. You may even get the chance to drive a train, be it electric, diesel or steam.

And here's a signal box.

Signal Box at Midland Railway Centre, Ripley, 28th June 2009


JoeinVegas said...

Did you drive a train yourself? It does look like a nice place to visit.

Neil said...

No we didn't but I did ask Lisa if she'd like to.

I may well do it on our next visit.

Will said...

That is all fairy muff.

Anonymous said...

Dear Neil, English Electric is the name of a company that made diesel locomotives and electric locomotives. The mose famous diesel one was the Deltic with its famous growl! They made the first mainline diesel locomotives for the LMS at Derby works. They enetered service in 1948 and ran into StPancras and Euston.

Cheers Nick (sorry it was the trainspotter coming out in me)

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