Friday, October 01, 2004

Aleksander Rodchenko

Will at a General Theory of Rubbish comments on a futurist exhibition currently in Glasgow.

It appears that much of the Rodchenko material comes from this splendid exhibition at MOMA NY in 1998.

Some of Rodchenko's most interesting work was done with Mayakovsky. In the early years of a better nation they worked on advertising that answered "both a pragmatic and an ideological imperative . . .: on the one hand, to sell state-manufactured products, which would help to strengthen the Bolshevik regime financially; and on the other hand, to sell the regime itself, which would help to produce new, ideologically transformed subjects (and, presumably, better customers)."1

1 "The Propagandizing of Things". Leah Dickerman.Aleksander Rodchenko. New York: MOMA NY, 1998. 71


Will said...

Exhibition so good it's mentioned twice. Now I feel like a right twat. (before anybody says it...)

Anonymous said...

Blogger does that - seems to grind to a halt and then you discover you have two or three versions of the same post.


Neil said...

Oops. Damn technology. Duplicate post has now been deleted.