Wednesday, October 27, 2004

John Peel R.I.P

John Peel. Does anything more need to be said?

Here's a transcription of a little known work - John Peel as the Radio in Fm Einheit's Dante's Inferno. This comes from Canto V.
Good evening. This is 93.5 FM and it's Radio Inferno again. I'm John Peel, your favourite dj and guide to all these nights and noises. It's Good Friday in the year 1300 in the Middle Ages and we've got something special coming along for you out there. The sun's not yet up so tonight's programmes will be broadcast to you straight out of hell.
We're going down. The time is about 7 o'clock and Dante and Virgil have just arrived at the gate of Hell where they read the inscription upon it. They enter and find themselves in the Vestibule of Hell. Passing quickly through they reach the river Acheron.
Listen. Here we go.

This is a wonderful, amazing, chaotic, awesome piece in many languages (Latin, Italian, German, English and possibly others). It's Dante's Inferno with Marcel Duchamp and John Cage. It's experiments with sound. It takes you places you have never been. If you only know English with the cd booklet and John Peel's Radio you can just follow it. Well worth a listen.

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