Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Richard Gott, in today's Grauniad, comes up with the biggest load of Boswelox this side of a sweetmeat fanciers convention.

He compares Blair with Chamberlain and lays into Blair as a "war criminal".

Now, I thought Chamberlain was an appeaser of an expansionist, genocidal fascism. And Blair has just overthrown a sometime expansionist facist regime. So where is the comparison?

There are those who still cling to the outmoded reactionary belief in "political sovereignty" where a regime can do what it wants to its people within its borders with impunity. "Political sovereignty" should not be used as an excuse for the international community to do nothing in the face of mass torture, deliberate starvation and the lack of freedom to engage in political affairs.

Chamberlain appeased a fascist regime. Blair overthrew a fascist regime.

There is something rotten in the state of international law if that makes Blair a war criminal.

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