Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Election 2005 and Hope

What is it about Michael and Lynton's campaign that makes me want to chunder? Is it the nauseous appeal to people's xenophobia and racism? Is it the total glossing over of 18 years of Tory misrule? Is it the appeal to the worst sort of middle class Daily Mail self-interest? Or is it this:
On May the fifth you can let the sunshine of hope break through the clouds of disappointment we all feel!
Pass the sick bucket Alice.

There are many things to criticise in the Labour party programme - privatisation, corporatisation, PFI, the not very ethical arms export programme, etc, etc - but it's a damn sight better than the serious opposition.
Life under a Labour administration is bearable while it gives something to campaign against.
Life under a Tory administration would be so vile that life is despairing for those caught in its binds.

Vote Labour. They're not as depressing as the Tories.

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