Friday, April 15, 2005

Vladimir Mayakovsky

The Stoa points out that yesterday was the 75th anniversary of the death of Vladimir Mayakovsky - from whom this blog gets its name.

Yesh ananasy, ryabchiki zhui
Dyeh tvoi posledni prikhodit, burzhui!

("Eat pineapples, chew on your grouse
Your last day is coming, you bourgeois louse!")
The phrase "a cloud in trousers started" when Mayakovsky entered a train carriage to find the only other occupant was a young woman. To put her at her ease he introduced himself saying "I am not a man but a cloud in trousers". As the words left his lips he realised what a great and original phrase it was and perfect for a poem. So to ensure the woman forgot it he continued to talk for several hours. He then went and wrote the masterpiece "A Cloud In Trousers".

This story has always tickled me. Mayakovsky, the original overly talkative stranger on public transport.

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