Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Ex-Members of The Fall Club

This guy is trying to find all 43 ex-members of The Fall.
For all that he can be surreally funny, [Mark E] Smith's intent is deadly serious. As a man called Eric the Ferret - the band's bassist in 1978, and one of the people at whom Smith threw a chair - comments, sagely: "The Fall don't cruise." Among Smith's tactics for instilling the required creative tension, the trump card is threatening the sack.
Sometimes he recruited the members of the support band as The Fall, if band members were late. Sometimes he recruited the whole support band.

There's a cracking album Perverted By Mark E. - A Tribute To The Fall that includes the splendid tune: The Ex-Members of The Fall Club by Container Drivers. There's another splendid song, on the same compilation, The Story of The Fall by Jeffrey Lewis that says The constant new members kept the Fall from sounding lame.

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