Wednesday, January 04, 2006

West Virginia

Rullsenberg posts on the West Virginia Mining Disaster.

It's an excellent post. Here's a snippet:
Listening to the news last night, all the expectation - the unspoken reality - was that it was highly unlikely any would be found alive. First thing this morning, it seemed from the commentary of families that a miracle had happened; but the more I listened to how the news had spread, the more concerned I was. Clearly someone in the International Coal Group that owned the Sago Mine felt able - wrongly, OH SO WRONGLY - to inform the families of the improbable survival and cue the prayers, beliefs and thanks. Still, how can we be really surprised at such an immense screw up from those involved with this mine?
The International Coal Group has an infamous record on safety violations. See here.

For further info see this blog Minesafety Watch.

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