Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Just got memed by Snappy Cat. So I'd better do it then. Coffee mug in hand here I am.
  • 7 Things to do before I die
    1. run a marathon
    2. play the trumpet
    3. bet $10 on red at Las Vegas
    4. drive a car from New York to L.A.
    5. complete a cryptic crossword. I've got close. But never close enough.
    6. visit Tibet
    7. improve everyone's literacy
    8. improve everyone's numeracy

  • 7 Things I cannot do
    1. Sing in tune
    2. Play a musical instrument
    3. Stop thinking
    4. Find Jimmy Carr amusing. I think it's his impenetrable regional, some may say "thick" accent. Or it may be because he's a smug, misogynistic, reactionary, racist, sexist, bigoted, talentless gimp of a twonk.
    5. Find numbers boring
    6. Understand the appeal of motor sport. The point of a motorcar (or bike) is to get somewhere. Do something. And, maybe, return. Going round in a rough approximation of a circle. What's that about? Apart from being a euphemistic and metaphoric willy waving contest.
    7. Draw. Anything. Apart from geometric figures.
    8. Be incurious

  • 7 Things that attract me to crows
    1. They are not unblack
    2. They star in Hempel's paradox
    3. They exude intelligence. An IQ of 140 I've heard said.
    4. - that's it.

  • 7 Things I often say
    1. So it goes. So it goes.
    2. I'm going to have a damn fine cup of coffee
    3. Fancy a cup of tea
    4. Twonk!
    5. I'm shocked. Shocked I tell you. Shocked.
    6. Double espresso
    7. That's bollocks

  • 7 Books I'm currently reading
    1. The Jew of New York by Ben Kantor
    2. Berlin 12 by Jason Lutes
    3. Architects of Annihilation - Auschwitz and the Logic of Destruction by Gotz Aly and Susanne Heim
    4. Power and the Idealists by Paul Berman
    5. Q by Luther Blissett
    6. Elements of UML 2.o Style by Scott Ambler
    7. Oracle Data Dictionary Pocket Reference by David C Kreines - highly recommended iff you are into Oracle databases otherwise you can easily get through life without picking it up. Trust me.

  • 7 Films I watch regularly
    1. This one's easy. See Rullsenberg's answers.
That's it. Tout le monde has been memed.

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