Monday, January 16, 2006

The Wrong Trousers

Andrew Shanahan writes
The fact that I'm too fat for at least half of the clothes in my wardrobe.
Hanging in my wardrobe is the most amazing pair of trousers. I wore them once in 1998 and women stared longingly at me, men wept openly and teenagers I didn't know kept high-fiving me. I should need to be comprehensively greased if I put these wondrous trousers on today and, if I succeeded in getting them on, by lunchtime my legs would have absorbed the trousers by osmosis. Every morning I look at the trousers and acknowledge that there is more of me than there once was.
I empathise. To get back into those trousers I am
  • walking more
  • moving more
  • rowing more. That's at the gym. My rowing on water is a sight to behold. Round and round he goes.
  • eating more fruit and veg
I suggest everyone does the same.

[Andrew Shanahan wrote it in today's Grauniad but I cannot find it online.]

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