Monday, January 30, 2006

State Department Full of Marxists - shock!

This discussion of George W Bush, by Justin Webb, argues that Bush's belief in democracy and freedom has a Marxist justification.
Americans are beginning to notice that freedom - to the extent that it has taken hold - has given Islamic religious groups an opportunity to tout their wares in the democratic marketplace.

And the buyers have been queuing around the block , all the way from Baghdad to Cairo, via the West Bank and Gaza.

Even among those clinging to secular autocracy - Syria for instance - there is rising tide of Islamic resistance spurred at least in part by the policies of the Bush White House.


Still the President is sticking to his guns. His view is that "death to America" is an inadequate political philosophy once freedom comes and government beckons.

He will not talk to Hamas but he still backs the process by which the group has come to power. And if he is right, Hamas will be changed by the experience.

Quite how that change happens is left to nervous state department people to explain.

They talk about democracy leading to a reduction in "identity politics" and in the longer term to the building of coalitions built around economic interests.

A fascinating Marxist subtext to the Bush masterplan.
Is much of the pseudo-Left's retreat from the good things in the Left tradition such as internationalism, democracy, anti-Fascism, anti-Oppression and general Enlightenment values happening because some of those values have been taken up by people they disagree with? Or is it they just didn't really like those values in the first place?

Why is Bush hated more than Kim Il Jong? More than Saddam Hussein?

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