Sunday, February 12, 2006

Manchester, Manchester, England ....

That's a line from a song by The Times from the days of madchester, ah that whiff of nostrilgia (sic) in the air.

On Saturday we, that Rullsenberg and me, made our way up to Manchester for the Manchester blogmeet. Why did we go the Manchester meet when we've never lived in Manchester? Because we like Manchester and think it's a great city. And it's ages since we've visited. The blogmeet started in the Piccadilly Kro Bar. Being a sometime archivist I made a list of almost everyone who attended. For those interested here's the list, in no particular order.

Chris, Kate(1) aka Yankunian, Kate(2) of the wonderfully named "If you're sad and like beer", Norm, Chern Jie (who has loads of wonderful pics), Clare the organiser and all round glorious hostess with the mostest, Tim, Lisa, Abby, Jonathan, Ian (he likes Firefox, which means that for us who are still using Internet Explorer much of Spinneyland is invisible: sniff! - who actually posted a pic from the Kro Bar), Mike of "Me-Me-Me", wearing his blogname on a t-shirt, Richard (ageist!), Tom from "3 degrees of noise", Duncan, Dan, Phil, and Rob - who we discovered when we got home had followed in the footsteps of Rullsenberg and been quoted in Saturday's Grauniad (sadly not online).

A good time for all.

This post has been a Rullsenberg/Roberts collaboration.

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