Wednesday, February 22, 2006

News from Paris

After the kidnap and murder of Ilan Halimi, in Paris, European Jewish Press notes:
Jewish organizations have called for another demonstration next Sunday in the Paris suburb city of Bagneux where Ilan Halimi was detained and tortured by his kidnappers.

“We call on Jews and non-Jews to come and meditate on the place where such unacceptable atrocities happened. When cruelty reaches such high level, we must say enough,” says an e-mail circulating within the Jewish community.
“We will ask that a memorial plaque be set on the place where he was tortured to death because he was a Jew,” it added.
The Interior Minister Sarkozy has been recorded as saying this was an antisemitic attack.
Mr Sarkozy told MPs: "The truth is that these crooks acted primarily for sordid and vile motives, to get money, but they were convinced that 'the Jews have money', and if those they kidnapped didn't have money, their family and their community would come up with it.
"That's called anti-Semitism by amalgam."


Mr Sarkozy added: "We have a duty to the memory of Ilan Halimi, to his family, his parents, his friends and above all, all the Jews of France, to establish the truth."

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