Monday, February 13, 2006

On Wilson and anonymity

After the Manchester blogmeet I began thinking about nom-de-plumes, anonymity and being open about blogging.

When I started blogging I needed to have a name and wasn't sure about going public with my own name. Blogger insisted on a name so I put down the first thing that came into my head - Wilson. I was thinking of William Wilson the athlete and cricketer, born in Yorkshire in 1795 and still playing for England against Australia (and why was it always Australia?) in the 1950s. He must be the only cricketing superhero ever. Anyone who knows any different please let me know.

So after having people ask "is it your real name?", "is it from Little Wilson", "is it from Woodrow Wilson (that's the official version) (or even Woodrow Wilson (the more open version) ?" the answer is "it's from William Wilson, 1795 to now".

Once I work out how to do it, Wilson is meeting with a tragic end. Blogging will continue.

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