Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Update on the world

Or should that be to the world?

At the end of January I flew from London to New Zealand for my dad's funeral and to see family.

Got back to London, and thence to Nottingham, last Tuesday. Our house has no kitchen - the old one has been demolished to create a new one.

Last weekend Rullsenberg and I went down to London. Dinner at the excellent Ristorante Olivelli in Store Street. Hotel. Breakfast at Bar Bruno in Wardour Street. Then a walking tour of some churches around King William Street, especially the Hawksmoor. Nottinghamshire lad Hawksmoor definitely had his own style.

Rullsenberg had to be dragged, kicking into a guided tour of The Globe.

Saw The Killers with Burt Lancaster at the too too hot BFI.

Sunday made it to Spitalfields Market and Rough Trade East. Walking back met up with celebrating Kosovans in Trafalgar Square. Cars flying Kosovan flags circled central London making lots of noise and causing gridlock. Kosovans seem very happy to have their, limited, independence; Serbia seems unhappy that Kosovo wants to leave. Has Kosovo the wherewithal to survive as an independent nation? I am left wondering if it is a good thing that a nation splits into nations on the grounds of historic disagreements. What makes a nation? A shared past? An identity? A unifying culture?
Does Kosovo have what it takes?

Jetlagged still.