Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Jerry Springer the Raffle

On Friday I discovered I had won a raffle for two tickets to Jerry Springer the Opera.

So last night Rullsenberg and I went along. Outside the venue were a group of protesting Christians singing hymns and generally praying for the souls of those who entered the theatre. From inside we saw the protesting Christians joined by a counter demo protesting the right to free speech. This was a cue for an argument between a senior woman and the teenage free speech protestors. But hold that thought a minute. Surely the free speech protestors were also about protesting the senior woman's right to protest, because that's what free speech means, so why argue?

Anyway, on with the show. It's bawdy, irreverent, scurrilous, filthy, scatalogical and a morality tale echoing a long history of religious themed morality tales dating back to the York Mystery plays.

In summary, it's very enjoyable. Go see.

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